Even by Andrej L. Malchukov

By Andrej L. Malchukov

The current paintings presents a concise grammatical description of Even, one of many Tungusic languages of Siberia. This grammatical comic strip differs from the former works on Even grammar in that 1) it really is restricted to synchronic description, 2) it foregrounds the sensible facets of grammar, three) it specializes in these issues which are of curiosity from a typological perspective.

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We wandered through the market, looking at the fruits and sundries. Sellers thrust their wares at us and followed us when we didn’t buy them. I spent no money, in spite of the fact I could have spared a penny or two. I was saving my first week’s wages to pay Will back. When time came to return to the barracks, I was a little sorry. Emma was so disappointed she looked like she’d burst out crying any minute and went straight to her 46 bunk without a word to anyone. The next day an awful smell came in through the gaps in the windows.

I wanted to hear what she had to say. “It’s all right,” she gasped. “Nothing to worry about. It sounds much worse than it is. ” I didn’t know if she was telling the truth, but it was enough to quiet everyone down. The constant vomiting stopped by the third day, partly because although the storm continued it wasn’t quite so fierce, but mainly because no one had any food left in their stomachs. I was afraid some of the worse ones might die. One or two looked so pale and thin I couldn’t see how they would live.

I went over to close the one window we’d opened, hoping it would make the awful smell go away. As I fastened the latch, I stopped and stared. Our windows looked out over the Bosporus, and when it was clear we could see all the way over to Istanbul. It wasn’t clear that day, but in the distance I could just make out two ships coming into port, not from the direction of the Sea of Marmara, but from the Black Sea. ” I said. The others all crowded round. “They’re the ships carrying wounded from Balaclava,” Mr.

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